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From grape to glass there is no greater joy than sampling the diversities of wine...(David Morley)

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Camille & Audrey Lalaurie.

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David Morley M.D.

In The Begining......

Oliver and Bird was born out of a passion for wine and, when Mark Pygott MW decided this was going to be his future there was no going back. He spent a couple of years working with many of the estates you now see on our wine list. His insatiable quest for knowledge, coupled with an incredible palate, ensured that the wines he chose for Oliver and Bird would be some of the finest available. His love of the Languedoc encouraged him to find small independent estates producing exceptional quality wines, suitable for our discerning range of clients. Today we still retain many of these original estates ensuring unique and Superior Wine is offered to all our customers. On taking over in 2012 I followed Mark's passion for providing some of the finest wines available, and although we never choose a wine based on price, our range remains very competitive. I do hope you enjoy our interesting and diverse selection. David Morley (MD)

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