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Castelvecchio Barolo DOCG

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Region Piedmont
Principal Grape(s) Nebbiolo
Origin Barolo DOCG
Colour Red


The colour is of deep garnet with orange tinges, and the aroma is floral with red fruit which seems to suggest a lighter wine than it actually is. The tannins are fairly high but give way to the wines fruity flavours of cherry and raspberry supported with aromas of rose and anise, which always seem to shine through. This wine undergoes a period of ageing not less than 3 years, during which at least two years are spent in oak or chestnut barrels. The ageing period starts from the 1st January following the year of harvest. Once the ageing period is over, the Barolo undergoes a wine-tasting test carried out by a select committee, in order for the government to guarantee its origin and quality